Functionality and Security in the management of your reports and clinical images

Actualpacs telerad

Actualpacs is the radiology platform that uses the last technologic innovations to manage your veterinary center

Advantages for the veterinary center

  • Send DICOM images directly from your equipment (TC, RM, RX, US) to store and have your backup copies for 7 years
  • The clinical images of your patients always organized with their respective reports
  • Check the images of your veterinary center whenever you need from any device (computer, mobile, tablet...)
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  • Ease of managing and organizing interpretation by the radiologists and specialists you work with. They will have direct access wherever they are
  • Possibility of sharing studies between centers of the same group
  • Patient portal where the owner can automatically receive the clinical images along with the report
  • Maintenance 365/7/24 hours included in the price

Advantages for the radiologist/specialist

  • Improves administration times and radiological reading
  • Organize your cases and follow-ups along with the reports
  • Receive in an automatic process the studies at the moment from all the centers with which you work
  • Access and download studies directly from the PACS without the need for any intermediate process
  • Receive notifications in your email when a case arrives on the platform or send an email to the sending veterinary center of the study to interpret, when you finish the report
  • Maintain the radiological follow-up of your patients by comparing reports over time (7 years)
  • Possibility of evaluating and correcting reports from new radiologists
  • Don't waste time typing thanks to real-time speech recognition

Actualpacs Vet Characteristics

Estudios del Pacs
  • Automatic upload of studies and clinical indications
  • Fully customizable fields, texts and templates
  • Distribute your diagnostic imaging cases among the radiologists/specialists of your center or external in an organized way
  • Visual system of colors according to the status of the report (pending, draft, reported, reviewed)
  • Customization of report templates with the logo of your veterinary center or if you are a radiologist for your company
  • Compatible with all DICOM viewers and operating systems
  • Customized IT developments
  • Generation and export of the report in PDF format
  • Configurable automatic sending of the report via email
  • Possibility of using keyboard shortcuts for greater agility
  • Possibility of including semantic search engine for keywords in all platform reports for data search or analysis
  • Compatible with all PACS and HIS/RIS systems
Visor de Actualpacs
Informe de Ejeplo de Actualpacs
  • It has three powerful medical image viewers: light, heavy and HTML5
  • JPEGLossless Compression and Encryption
  • Complete statistics broken down by center
  • Integrable with Actualpacs Center
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