• <span class='banner1_descripcion '>Share interesting cases with all your<br /> centers and specialists from any place</span>Mobility for the radiologist
  • <span class='banner2_descripcion '>Access DICOM images from<br /> any device immediately</span>High diagnostic quality
    and productivity
  • <span class='banner3_descripcion '>Online mailing of images and reports <br /> to your concerning doctors and patients</span>Online management and
    storage for the center
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The cloud solution for productivity in image management


  • More precise diagnosis in less time
  • Connection among all your referring centers from a unique management worklist
  • Communication with other specialists for second opinions

Centers / Hospitals

  • Send images and reports to referring doctors online in an automated process
  • Online access for the patient studies to avoid unnecessary second visits
  • Unlimited and scalable storage of images, without infrastructure or investment


ActualPacs has significantly improved our quality of life and efficiency of our radiodiagnostic service. It enabling us to move round and use technical and human resources more effectively.

Luis Cerezal Pesquera,
Cantabria Medical Diagnostic Director

ActualPacs has helped us to improve the effectiveness and to set up improvements in teleradiology that had enabled the mobility of our radiologists and a reduction of costs. Furthermore, provides a high quality technical service.

Carlos Casillas Meléndez,

ActualPacs has improved the dynamics of our image service with few hardware resources all our studies are available at a national level. Now, our image service has a human and technical support highly recommended.

Dr. Marcelo Marcico
Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA)

ActualPacs has given us the opportunity of having the images at any time and place easily and quickly. Now, our image department can access to our peripherals more practically.

Dra. María Del Carmen Difelice
Difelice Imágenes SRL

ActualPacs has allowed us to have an image backup without hardware investment as well as having the images 24h online. The service is excellent with a very dynamic management engine.

Dr. Alberto Giudice

With ActualPacs I can connect all our medical centers allowing a practical and dynamic nexus for the information flow. The disposal of the images is optimal and very intuitive for our personnel.

Dr. Alberto Vainberg
Sun Imag, SRL

ActualPacs allows us to get our studies at any place inside or outside of the hospital. AltualPacs also gives us an image backup on Internet. It is fast, easy to use and have a friendly studies management interface.


ActualPacs has helped us very much in the management, distribution and storage of images. With little investment we obtained improvements into our image service. Fantastic product.

Dr. Juan Carlos Garcia,
Sanatorio Parque de Salta

ActualPacs has managed to improve the scope of activity as a radiologist to an extraodinary extent, thanks to the ease of not having to depend on my physical location to offer my results quickly and effectively.

Jose María Collado,